gamigo is excited to announce the upcoming Trove event in support of the Green Game Jam 2023, where players will find good ol’ Qubesly sending them on a quest to collect salty trash in the Fae Dungeons and beyond.

Gamers will begin by seeking out the Recyclic Recombobulator event workbench at the Adventure Outpost in Fae Forests. There, they will speak with the Bin Chicken Commission, and find the three Bin Chicken Merchants who will be selling event items.

Players will also have to capture the garbage source in Treasure Isles biomes and use the Six-Pack and Magestica’s cannons to blow up the nigh impenetrable garbage piles that are flooding the realm.

Upon Qubesly’s sincere congratulations for a job well done, the Bin Chicken Commission will offer further crafts if gamers are keen to continue the fun.

Three new packs – the Recycled Collection, the Reclaimed Container, and the Recovered Pack - will be available in-store throughout the event. New mounts, allies, and other rewards will also be attainable upon quest completion.

The Green Game Jam is the brainchild of Playing for the Planet Alliance members who decided that they could do more to leverage the power of gaming in support of environmental preservation and progress.

The environmental content and themes implemented in the participating games are opportunities for players to learn and support green initiatives.

Great fun for a good cause. Don’t miss out on the adventure, and the chance to learn more about the intricacies of sustainability.

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