Inkulinati will eventually make its way to Switch, but we have some time until that happens. While we wait for word on that version of the game, a new trailer has popped up today that showcases the “Dragon, Hares and the Beast’s Lairs” update. Check out that trailer above!

Inkulinati are a legendary group who battle one another on the pages of medieval manuscripts. They fight by drawing beasts with the Living Ink. Thanks to this magical substance, those creatures come to life and an epic battle ensues. Donkeys playing trumpets with their bottoms, bishop cats vanquishing heretics with prayers, heavy but deadly snails that eat units alive, and more. Much, much more.

—But be not deceived by the tomfoolery of rabbit bottoms and braying mules— Inkulinati is neither for feebleminded coxcombs, nor harebrained half-wits. These comical illustrations belie the tactical depth of Inkulinati’s turn-based combat. Players assume the role of master Inkulinati commanding living illustrations on 2D manuscript battlefields. Each stylishly inked creature plays a strategic combat role, while legendary medieval characters such as Dante and Hildegard can turn the tide of battle.

Inkulinati includes both solo and local multiplayer gameplay. Players can ready their troops to delve into the game’s demanding single-player campaign, or challenge other Inkulinati locally in a revival of the old-school hot-seat-mode. The game features intricate maps that influence duels, and allows for different gameplay styles (e.g. aggressive vs. cunning).

Seemingly lighthearted and whimsical on the surface, Inkulinati players have discovered that at its core, it’s a complex and challenging strategy game. The team at Yaza has been listening to player feedback and has incorporated player requests and game improvements into their second major update. These changes include:

New Beasts - 2 Hares (the bigger and more vicious cousins of Rabbits), Bees (with deadly stings and tiny hats), and the all-powerful Dragon (the most powerful Beast in all of Inkulinati!)

New Lairs - a new type of battle in the Journey mode. The Beast Lairs are an element on the Battlefield from which opposing Beasts emerge every now and then and you only win the fight when you destroy all the Beast Lairs on the Battlefield - and all the opponents.

New Faculty System - When start your game, you can now choose your Faculty which determines your specialty as an Inkulinati Master. Nine Faculties represents different strategies and synergies that you will use during the game, designed specifically to your needs. Hate to be pushed around, and off the Battlefield or looking for a strategy to defeat heretics? There’s a Faculty for that.

New Gameplay Updates - Many new improvements to increase the overall challenge and replayability, including a new Act that’s unlocked after completing Journey mode for the second time, new leaderboards, a rating system, new Non-Battle Locations (look out for the Alchemist and the Princess!), and new hand actions too!

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