There seems to be a considerable amount of Apple-related news of interest to Nintendo fans today. Earlier, we shared word of two Switch games that won awards from Apple, and now we see Apple has scooped up a company that recently worked on a Nintendo project.

A new report reveals that Apple has purchased the AR company, Mira. That name most likely isn’t familiar to Nintendo fans, but the two companies worked very closely in recent years. It turns out Universal and Nintendo teamed up with Mira to help bring the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge AR ride to life at Super Nintendo World.

Just yesterday, Apple announced their Vision Pro, which is a head-mounted display capable of both VR and AR. With Apple putting a big focus on content for the Vision Pro going forward, it’s no surprise to see them gobble up a company like Mira, as they have some rather extensive expertise in the AR arena.

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