Use your ability to change in size to explore every nook and cranny of nature, from big to small. Wander through giant forests of mushrooms, access underground ant tunnels or fly on the back of a bird and explore various environments which are all connected.

Go on a magical journey towards the Mother Tree, explore areas above and below ground and find out about the interconnectedness of nature. Follow the crucial mycelium network that connects the whole forest and dive into the marvelous world of nature.

Solve solarpunk puzzles, see how everything is connected and fix the underground energy flow which is crucial for every plant and living being. Learn to operate a broad range of solarpunk devices that enable Henry to harness the energy nature provides or to talk to animals that accompany him on his journey.

Go on an adventurous journey towards the Mother Tree that connects the whole forest, find out about what causes the danger and help Henry to eventually reconnect nature and put everything back in order.

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