Pokémon TCG theft is running rampant in Japan

This has to be Team Rocket, right?

12 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

We’ve talked here and there about the Pokémon TCG frenzy going on in Japan right now, but what we haven’t really delved into is the crime spree associated with it. There are plenty of people scooping up cards the legal way, but a surprising amount of people have turned to theft to try and steal the cards they want, and of course, turn around and sell them for considerable profit.

The Wall Street Journal has done a deep dive into the crime surrounding the Pokémon TCG in Japan, and they’ve come up with some absolutely staggering stories. Multiple stores have been hit by thieves, causing the store owners to lose thousands upon thousands of dollars. Here’s just some of what’s been going down in Japan when it comes to Pokémon TCG theft.

  • one store had roughly 600 cards stolen, worth about $47,000
  • another theft led to $200,000 in damages and 540 cards stolen
  • one heist saw a man climb an emergency staircase and then repel into a store from above
  • a store in Akihabara was hit just days after opening, with 800s cards stolen; a $182,000 value
  • a store in Hosaka was hit in the early-morning hours, but good Samaritans have now raised $25,000 for the store owner to add security, including reinforced glass at the entrance and electric shutters

It’s crazy just how far people are willing to go to steal Pokémon cards, but it’s clear they believe the risk to be worth it with the value these cards are bringing in. Hopefully enough security measures are taken that these thieves decide to call off their efforts soon.

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1y ago

Wow, the guy who rappelled from above, that sounds like the kind of heist you'd expect Jesse and James to try and pull.