Today the third Season of SMITE in 2023, the Season of Souls, has begun! You can find the full patch notes for this update here.

Starting right now, players will step into a new Conquest Map set in the Greek Underworld, and progress through the Battle Pass: Dark Dominion. Also live, premium skins of a brand new type await in the ColorForge: Prism of Souls Event – including the latest shapeshifting skin of ‘Tier 5’ quality. Major match-defining features and massive gameplay tweaks have also been added.

The Underworld has never been so hype!

Underworld Conquest Map

Even Gods can be slain. They can be banished to the Underworld, stripped of their power, or forced to stare at a gray screen for 10 to 50 seconds. For this new Season of Souls, the entire Conquest Map plunges into the Greek Underworld with a massive revamp:

Visuals – A most chilling atmosphere with a new skybox, skeletal architecture, and massive coffin-bearing giants.

Layout – Tweaks and improvements to lane sizes, jungle paths, and more.

Features – THREE innovative mechanics: Soul Surge, Stygian Tower and UNLEASHED TITANS!

Soul Surges

In the Underworld, every divine death triggers a Soul Surge zone. Inside, you will gain unique buffs – but be prepared to face aggressive Spirits drawn by death. Soul Surges bring countless fun twists to your SMITE games and are also available in non-Conquest modes.

Stygian Beacon

The Conquest Map also hosts a new strategic objective: the Stygian Beacon. Temptingly granting permanent buffs, this capture zone will lead to teamfights where strategic positioning will be key. The Stygian Beacon also triggers the third and most incredible new feature in the Season of Souls…


When the Stygian Beacon has been captured thrice, both Conquest Titans free themselves from their shackles – finally becoming UNLEASHED after a decade in bindings. Emerging from each base, Titans wreak havoc on the lane where they meet and clash. As a player, that’s your cue to intervene and seal the fate of your match: rush in to protect your Unleashed Titan and destroy the opponent’s!

As Gods find themselves lost in the Underworld Conquest map full of exciting changes, a legendary guide will soon appear and help them find their way… That’s right: SMITE’s new playable God, Charon, will be released with the next Update in July!

ColorForge: Prism of Souls Event

Out today, this brand new type of event features special skins compatible with dozens of dyes that completely change their color palette! The first ever four ColorForge skins have been selected for their higher quality.

  • Angel of Chaos Cthulhu
  • Spicy Ra-Men Ra
  • Little Charmer Cupid – Available for everyone for FREE through quests!
  • Alpha Pack Fenrir – SMITE’s latest ‘Tier 5’ skin can take three different forms along with all those dyes.

Dyes can be found in ColorForge chests. Players can get one for free each week, just for playing.

Battle Pass: Dark Dominion

The Battle Pass: Dark Dominion is now active until the end of the Season of Souls and is in line with its thematic. Just by playing SMITE, players will progress and earn various great rewards including four skins.

  • Demonic Blade King Arthur – available instantly upon purchase
  • Ruby Ravager Chernobog – available for free
  • Shadow Spawn Loki
  • Soul Hammer Vulcan

All items changed

That’s right: the entirety of SMITE items have been updated! Their stats have consistently decreased with -30% Power and -15% HP/Protections. This shift significantly limits the snowballing of Carries while slowing down the overall player power curve. In the Season of Souls, the new meta will reward you more for mastering your God’s base kit and consistently performing well throughout the match. Players are also encouraged to strategize in order to secure objectives instead of relying on huge damage bursts.

What’s more, alongside this general item change, 4 new item Glyphs have been added for the Relic Dagger and Frostbound Hammer.

With so many gameplay changes, a soft reset of player ranks has been applied: a new Split has begun with the Season of Souls.

Will you thrive in the Underworld or wash up on the shores of the river Styx? Come find out today in SMITE’s Season of Souls!

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