Persona 5 Tactica isn’t just a spin-off in terms of gameplay, it’s also a sidestep in terms of visuals. While most Persona titles maintain a similar visual style, Persona 5 Tactica takes a very different approach. Now, thanks to a Famitsu interview, we know why.

The gang at Famitsu magazine had the chance to chat with artist Hanako Oribe about Persona 5 Tactica’s unique style. We learned that there are multiple reasons why the team took things in this direction, and it’s all to serve the franchise as best they can.

The art direction when it comes to the more chibi-style design reminded many of the PQ series of games. However, Tactica is not a sequel to PQ, and the genre of the game is different.

So, I aimed to create artwork that I felt was the most emblematic of this title. In the seven years since Persona 5 was released, there have been many spin-off projects.

And if we were going to release another new game, we felt it should be challenging both in content and its appearance. I think this was something that the development team as a whole was aware of, not just myself.”

[Hanako Oribe, artist]

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