Fire Emblem Engage is filled to the brim with both new and returning characters, but one fresh face in particular has been the focus of a ton of conversation.

Without spoilers, Fire Emblem Engage’s Rosado embodies some very big themes that are present in the game, and it’s clear Intelligent Systems had a message they wanted to share. In an interview with Nintendo Life, the devs elaborate on what they were trying to deliver through Rosado and others.

The theme we chose for Fire Emblem Engage is that whoever you were born as, and wherever you were born, if you live your life as the person you want to be, your dream will come true. Alear and Rosado, and to some extent, all of the characters in the game reflect the theme of living as the person they want to be. So while many of the characters might contradict the first impression they give, we hope you can discover who they are through support conversations and so on.

[Intelligent Systems]

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