Digital Extremes is inviting Warframe players back to the wild frontier of Duviri for its latest story-driven update The Seven Crimes of Kullervo. Arriving for all platforms on today, The Seven Crimes of Kullervo is a story-driven update that expands on The Duviri Paradox to explore a tragic tale of betrayal and sacrifice. Players will uncover the seven crimes of the crimson renegade Kullervo, cast away by the tyrannical Dominus Thrax and imprisoned in the depths of Duviri’s floating dungeons, as they overcome intricate puzzles, engage with new Duviri gameplay systems, and slickly blast through familiar enemies with dozens of added customization options. Players can seize the power of treachery and earn the 53rd unique Warframe Kullervo through gameplay or instantly unlock his thirst for revenge with the Kullervo Collection when The Seven Crimes of Kullervo arrives for all platforms June 21.

Discover the Secrets of the Executioner’s Infinite Prison on June 21

A fortified dungeon built to imprison those who defy the tyranny of Dominus Thrax has reappeared. The lost floating island of Duviri once shrouded by its fractured, void-wrecked landscape emerges riddled with twisted secrets and ravaged by betrayal. In a new story-driven Quest that expands the world of The Duviri Paradox, The Seven Crimes of Kullervo welcomes Warframe players to return to its fractured frontier and unravel the mystery behind the exile of the battle-scarred melee warrior and 53rd unique Warframe, Kullervo.

Players visiting Duviri during Sorrow, Anger, or Fear Spirals will see Kullervo’s Hold and can visit the island as a side objective, or experience it as an objective in their Story bounties. Players looking for immediate access to Kullervo’s Hold will find a special node in the Duviri Star Chart to tackle the dungeon regardless of Duviri’s current mood Spiral. In Kullervo’s Hold, players will confront the melee-based Warframe as their Drifter in a mini boss fight and face off against his powerful Abilities. Players emerging victorious will collect a dropped Resource that can be exchanged at Acrithis for Kullervo’s Blueprints for crafting. Players can also instantly unlock the imprisoned warrior from the in-game Warframe market for Platinum.

Take on New Challenges and Engage in Enhanced Duviri Gameplay Systems

In typical Warframe fashion, The Seven Crimes of Kullervo update brings so much more than just a new Quest and Warframe. The update will also introduce new Duviri Undercroft tilesets, offering new combat challenges against familiar enemies, including a surprise boss visitor to the Exterminate Game Modes. With 15 new powerful Decrees released with the update, players will have increased variation in their runs through Duviri, including Corrupted Boons such as King’s Collateral, which does not allow further revives, but adds a +200% chance of obtaining rare decrees. Previously unlocked Undercroft portals across Duviri will also become accessible to players once they have acquired seven Decrees. Upon entering the Undercroft, players will be offered more difficult challenges with greater rewards. Completing these Static Undercroft Portals will earn a player guaranteed Duviri Arcanes. Players returning to Duviri for the update will also be able to earn free resources with a new Gardening system, featuring six plants to harvest different resources from.

Personalize an Arsenal with Deluxe Cosmetics and Collections

It wouldn’t be a true Warframe update without a slew of new cosmetic enhancements for Fashion Framer’s to go wild over. Move at turbo speed with the new Gauss Kresnik Collection featuring the Gauss Kresnik Skin, a flaming new Bolide Syandana and the Hermes’ weapon inspired Acceltra Deluxe to complete the full look. Take Fashion Framing further with the Orizu Suit Collection and match a fit with the fine and sharp lines of the origami-inspired Orizu Collection for a player’s Operator or Drifter. Or even give a noble Kaithe an upgraded look with the new Aethon Kaithe Bundle that includes a Helmet, Saddle, and Tail, or the Steed’s Resolve Pack which includes a Coronet Ephemera for a look that changes based on the moods of Duviri. A new round of TennoGen cosmetics will also be available, featuring fan-favorite community created enhancements including weapons kins, new armor designs and a landing craft skin.

In the spirit of Warframe’s 10-year anniversary celebration, Digital Extremes is hosting a Dex Fashion Frame Captura contest. Warframe players can show their best Dex Fashion Frame by submitting a Captura image, in-game screenshot, or illustration for a chance to win a Prime Access Bundle of their choice along with 1,000 Platinum. An additional 10 runner ups will be selected to receive 750 Platinum, along with an emblem, sigil, and glyph. Submissions are open on the forum through July 5th at 1 p.m. ET.

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