Over 2 decades ago, Nintendo put together an event called Space World 2000. At this event in particular, Nintendo showcased the GameCube and some of its upcoming titles.

Plenty of footage from Space World 2000 has lived online for years now, but it turns out there was even more waiting to be seen. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the video above, which has been remastered for your viewing pleasure.

If you’d like a bit of a time capsule from days long before Nintendo came up with the Nintendo Direct idea, this video should be perfect. You’ll see a bunch of familiar games and faces, all dripping with 2000s-style presentation. It wasn’t exactly Nintendo’s finest era, but there were definitely some high points in there!

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12M ago

This is like a treasure trove of Nintendo history! So many parts of it have been the source of rumors and arguments, and it's fun to see all this stuff in its entirety. I had forgotten there was some Metroid footage at SpaceWorld.