Indie publisher Digerati is teaming up with developer Hoochoo Game Studios to bring its second-hand shop simulator, No Umbrellas Allowed, to Switch later this year. No Umbrellas Allowed is set in a futuristic sci-fi dystopia where greed is a crime and the emotions of the populace are suppressed by a drug called ‘Fixer’, which is administered via rainfall. Through a series of strange events, the player finds themselves in the position of manager at a well known second-hand shop called Darcy’s.

By learning the tools and tricks of the trade - and with some help from a loud-mouthed robot assistant - players must earn money, raise the shop’s reputation, and pay off their debts, all while trying to avoid any unwanted attention from AVAC (Association for Victims of Avarice Crimes).

Welcome to your new job as store manager at Darcy’s – Ajik City’s most reputable second-hand shop. With a little help from your robot assistant, HUE, you will appraise, value, buy and sell a vast array of intriguing items. But remember: there are no umbrellas allowed. AVAC will be watching…

Key Features

EVALUATE: Customers will bring you a wide variety of items they want to sell, from the mundane to the marvelous. Use tools to discover an item’s true value: worthless junk or precious rarity?

HAGGLE: Once you’ve decided an item’s value, you can negotiate a price for it. Try to strike a balance between keeping the customer happy and ensuring a deal is as profitable as possible for Darcy’s.

PROFIT: Procured items can be displayed for sale in the shop’s showcase. The rule of Darcy’s is buy low, sell high. But don’t get too greedy. Ajik City is not the place for flagrant avarice.

REPUTATION: Consistently offering good item appraisals, good recommendations, and good deals all positively raises the profile of Darcy’s and brings more customers into the shop. Be good at your job.

UMBRELLAS: Strictly prohibited in Ajik City due to their ability to protect against Fixerain. Any umbrellas submitted to Darcy’s must be handed over to AVAC. Failure to comply will be punished.


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