Way back in the day, you may have come across a box in Super Mario RPG that clearly had some goodies in it, but they couldn’t be deciphered. You can see that exact box in the right side of the picture above. It’s easy enough to make out Samus, but what else is crammed in that box with her? Thanks to the announcement of the Super Mario RPG remake, we finally have our answer.

The side-by-side image above, spotted by Cabel on Twitter, finally reveals who else is snuggled up with Nintendo’s favorite bounty hunter.

As you can clearly now see, Diskun, the Famicom Disk System mascot, has been hanging out in the box all along. Joining the duo is one of the cars from Stunt Race FX as well. It’s a hell of a trio to gather together, but we’re happy to finally have everyone revealed! It certainly makes you wonder what other secrets we’ll see cleared up with this remake!

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1y ago

Neat. Now can we find out what Amy's saucy tattoo is in Futurama? :D


1y ago

The Peach toy is actually standing on top of ROB!