Rumors of the Metroid Prime Trilogy getting a re-release on Switch have persisted for years now. We’re still waiting for Nintendo to confirm that project, but in that time, some very dedicated Metroid Prime fans have gone back to the original to show it some loving care.

Dubbed ‘MPR Phaze 1’ by Team MPR, the original Metroid Prime has been given one hell of a facelift, now running in 4K at 60fps. This project is more than just a resolution and framerate bump, though, as it includes hand-made custom HD textures, material maps and a lighting overhaul.

This project is playable via the Dolphin emulator, and it requires players to provide a copy of either Metroid Prime on GameCube or Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii to access it. This is why the dev team feels they’re in a good legal position with the project, as the mod doesn’t include any Nintendo-created assets, as those are coming straight from the player’s legal copies of the original games.

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2y ago

Looks great imo. Looks how I remember it.
If Nintendo go take this down, then that might confirm rumours of their own remake in the works like what happened with Samus Returns.