Would you sell out your friends, neighbors, and country just to get your life back? You’re about to find out, now that Beholder 3 is available at retail for Nintendo Switch.

Frank Schwarz, the hero of our story, was just an average man working an average job at the Ministry, a government body with an above-average reputation for cruelty and tyranny – until one day, a colleague framed him for a terrible crime. Frank struck a deal with a security official to stay out of prison, but in return he has to spy on the tenants of his apartment block.

Now Frank leads a double life, one at home and one at the Ministry. You’ll take on quests from your superiors and suss out the darkest secrets of your tenants with carefully placed security cameras, daring raids, and careful manipulation of the facts, all while keeping up pretenses as a genial landlord who just wants to make your residents happy.

However, a ruthless rival faction in the Ministry has plans for you, and the choices you make throughout Beholder 3 determine not just which faction wins, but what happens to Frank. Pit the political overlords against each other, spread confusion and lies, and you just might grasp a chance for a normal life again… assuming you can live with the consequences of your actions.



● Make tough decisions – Beholder 3 presents difficult choices throughout, including who to serve and who to sacrifice

● Meeting the neighbors – Your tenants have dynamic lives, secrets, and goals of their own, so bear that in mind when deciding who to sell out to the government

● Your actions matter – When you help or hinder someone in Beholder 3, your choices may come back to haunt you, and they’ll certainly influence how things end

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