After a few rocky months with Pokémon GO, Trainers recently saw an update that brought a ton of smiles to their faces. Unfortunately, that update has now come and gone.

Recently, Pokémon GO received an update that, among other things, doubled the range at which you can see Pokémon on the map. This tweak to settings got a lot of love from the community, but sadly, it was only around for a short time.

Niantic has released yet another update for Pokémon GO, and this one reverts the map range back to its original setting. Niantic also released a statement on the matter, which you can read in full below.

Some Trainers may have experienced an increase to the current interaction radius. This was the unintended effect of a bug fix intended to improve the Pokémon encounter experience when your device is experiencing GPS drift. While we’re reverting this change, we will take your feedback into consideration as we look to optimize the Pokémon encounter experience in the future.


As you might have guessed, the reaction to this decision has been extremely negative. Many are trying to convince Niantic to extend the range once again, but those requests have fallen on deaf ears so far.


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