Bandai Namco is celebrating the seasons and making a splash with this Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival update!

“Shin Japan Heroes Universe Pack” Available as New Downloadable Content

The “Shin Japan Heroes Universe Pack” features YOKO TAKAHASHI’s “Crime and Punishment – Those who are unwilling to pray” (Lyrics: YOKO TAKAHASHI, Music Composition: Toshiyuki O’mori). This Maxi Single was released on 10 May 2023 on multiple music streaming services. YOKO TAKAHASHI’s Maxi Single – “EVANGELION ETERNALLY”.

The DLC also features new mini characters – Godzilla, Evangelion Unit-01, Ultraman, and Masked Rider – as well as an exclusive background* with characters from the Shin Japan Heroes Universe as they play the new song in Taiko mode.

The mini characters – Godzilla, Evangelion Unit-01, Ultraman and Masked Rider – are outfit items that are usable for DON-Chan. Bring your favorite characters along and have fun playing Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival with them!

*The exclusive background is only available while playing Taiko Mode in single-player mode.

A New Party Game Mode, “Run! Ninja Dojo”, Now Available

Introducing “Run! Ninja Dojo,” a fun party game that can be enjoyed by up to four players at once! Embark on a Ninja Training session, and defeat enemies by drumming skillfully and make DON-chan progress forward! Beware of Kumo-zou’s Ninjutsu skills! Stay focused to seize the chance to make a big leap forward and turn the tables on your competitors! Overcome all challenges and strive to be the one who advances the furthest before the song ends. Victory belongs to the one in the lead!

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