A new accolades trailer for Thunderful’s beautiful platforming adventure Wavetale has released today as the game goes on sale on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Described as “thoroughly enjoyable” by Escapist Magazine, praised for its “delicious art style” by Pocket Gamer and “relaxing soundtrack” by CBR, Wavetale invites players to unravel stories of the past, save the islanders from mysterious sea creatures and discover secrets hidden under the surface. The game is currently available for $17.99 / €17.99 / £14.99 on the eShop in most region.

In Wavetale, you begin your adventure in the decaying archipelago of Strandville, where you meet teenage girl Sigrid who lives on this small island with her stern grandmother. Sigrid befriends an enigmatic shadow that provides her with the power to walk on water and allows her to uncover the well-kept secrets of this mysterious aqueous land.

Experience a moving story about loss and reconciliation in Wavetale as you are introduced to a captivating and diverse cast of islanders from frustrated fishermen to secretive hermits – and maybe even a pirate or two as you traverse calm waters and surging waves. Document your epic journey by filling in the pages of Sigrid’s scrapbook with special drawings to learn more about the world and her abilities.

With the power of Sigrid’s newfound abilities, speed through the towering waves, swing yourself from the rooftops with your net and fight an old nemesis to save the citizens of the islands. All with a bit of help from the shadows deep down below—and your cranky grandmother.

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