Selva Interactive are thrilled to announce that their resource management title ‘Illuminaria’ is now available on Android with iOS and Nintendo Switch platforms following later this summer. Illuminaria is an engaging and colorful adventure set on a magical planet in an unexplored part of the Universe.

Illuminaria, a planet once vibrant and full of life, inhabited by the peaceful and technologically advanced Illumi, fell victim to the encroaching darkness that invaded and corrupted their world. Despite valiant efforts the Illumi failed to halt the spread of the darkness, but before all hope was extinguished they created an automated system to save their world. The player will take charge of an automated system and direct a fleet of robots to control everything from resource-gathering, management, research and base-building to fending off invaders on the quest to reclaim the planet from the relentless Blight.

What sets Illuminaria apart from other strategy and resource-management games is its simplified mechanics: The player can effortlessly instruct their forces with just a few taps on the screen and observe how their robot fleet carries out the commands throughout the game. The gameplay is varied by auto battler segments called ‘expeditions’ where the player has an opportunity to secure rare materials to develop their technology.

The game has two main objectives: Lighting beacons and therefore clearing the darkness from the world as well as liberating the bases that have been taken over by the blight. To achieve these goals, the player must build multiple bases with warehouses and different resource-producing machines. At the same time, the players will continuously have to defend their bases from enemies that will attempt to steal their resources and destroy their bases.

Illuminaria is a project developed by a 3-person team from Guatemala. It’s funded and made possible by WINGS.

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