Akaoni Studio is happy to announce Enraged Red Ogre, a new 2D adventure with lots of action and platforming, coming digitally to Nintendo Switch™ at early fall 2023.

It’s time to ENRAGE!

In a faraway land, the yokai are suddenly rising and running out of control. A small human village is in danger, but Akaoni, a short-tempered red ogre that lives in it, is going on a rampage to defeat the yokai!

Akaoni will run, jump, and bash with his trusty kanabō on a journey to stop the yokai menace, hoping to also find a missing old friend. Along the way he will met Blu, a small onibi that will help him in his adventure for selfish reasons, allowing Akaoni to use the elemental powers of his enemies!


Run, jump, dash and BASH anything on your way as Akaoni, a tiny but incredibly strong red ogre, with an agile play style and great feeling controls.

Embark on a 2D adventure in pixel-art style full of action and platforming, travelling in a mystique land based on old Japan eras.

Find mysterious relics at the end of each stage to open new ways around the world map and progress in a non-lineal journey across 9 different zones.

Partner-up with the onibi Blu to shoot your foes and absorb the elemental essences of fallen enemies, allowing you to use the power of elements to overcome different situations.

Run on a rampage chaining enemy defeats in optional combo challenges, or explore at your own pace searching secret treasures that contain riches and upgrades to make Akaoni stronger.

Play an adventure that it’s both suited for fast pick-up sessions, reminiscent of classic handheld games, or more extended playthroughs.

Face many strange creatures from Japanese folklore known as yokai, who can be both menacing and humorous, but sometimes friendly too.

Discover the untold story set after the classic Japanese tale ‘The Red Ogre Who Cried’, in a journey to find Akaoni’s lost friend, Aooni.


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