NBA 2K23 'Season 8' launches June 30th, 2023

Tis the season...for a new season

28 June 2023
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A new era dawns in Phoenix with the arrival of Kevin Durant, one of the NBA’s all-time greatest scorers. Prior to Durant joining the team, the Suns already boasted a talented core built around this year’s featured NBA 2K23 cover athlete Devin Booker. Bringing KD into the fold signals a potential golden age of Suns basketball.

Despite limited playing time together, Durant and Booker flourished together in the NBA Playoffs and powered the Suns into the second round. With new ownership at the helm, the Suns are adamant about claiming the franchise’s first championship, and believe that Durant’s world-renowned offensive prowess coupled with Booker’s elite shot-making ability can make the dream a reality.

In Season 8 of NBA 2K23, close out the year by showcasing your skills in The City (New Gen) and aboard The G.O.A.T. Boat (Current Gen). Whether you draw inspiration from KD’s championship pedigree or Devin Booker’s offensive repertoire, leave your mark on the competition to earn all-new content and rewards.

To learn all about everything NBA 2K23 will offer in Season 8, check out the official dev blog here.

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