Dead by Daylight has been updated to Ver. 7.0.2. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

The Singularity:

  • Kid’s Ball Glove – Decreased Overclock duration time to 15% (was 25%)
  • Foreign Plant Fibres – changed Rarity rating to Very Rare (was Rare)
  • Cremated Remains – changed to “Survivors afflicted with Temporal Slipstream suffer from Blindness.” (was Killer Instinct before)
  • Nanomachine Gel – changed Rarity rating to Rare (was Very Rare), decreased Broken Status Effect to 30 seconds. (was 40 seconds)
  • Denied Requisition Form – changed Rarity rating to Ultra Rare (was Very Rare)
  • Soma Family Photo – changed Rarity rating to Very Rare (was Ultra Rare), reduction effect of Overclock Mode is now -20% (was -50%)
  • Iridescent Crystal Shard – changed to “When a Biopod is created the auras of all Survivors within 6 meters of that Biopod are revealed to you for 6 seconds.” (was applied when within the zone of a Biopod)

The Nemesis:

  • Damaged Syringe – increases time it takes Survivors to use a Vaccine by 5 seconds (used to be 2 seconds, and increased Killer Instinct by 1.5 seconds)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed additional rare issues with Survivor and Special Items.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue that bots are unable to use the Perk Scavenger correctly.


  • Fixed an issue that caused survivors who walk or crouch while standing in the Torment Trail to remain in the standing position animation during a trial against The Executioner.
  • The Nightmare is now able to correctly place Dream Pallets on a location previously holding a Fragile Pallet.

Twisted Masquerade

  • When a Masquerade Pillar disappears after the Exit Gate or the Hatch opens, the proper disappearance VFX are now correctly played
  • Masquerade Pillar is now despawned when the hatch or an exit gate is opened
  • When the Killer interacts with the Invitation Pillar, the regular interaction icon is now displayed
  • As the Twins, the Masquerade Invitation charge UI now updates correctly when switching from Victor to Charlotte.
  • Survivors downed while interacting with the Pillar can now correctly be picked up by the Killer


  • Fixed the HUD invitation icon reward state opacity to be independent of the chase state when gaining the reward.
  • Fixed and issue that caused a SFX loop when using a controller in the Archive Tier purchase popup.


  • The Adept Singularity achievement is now correctly unlocked when completing a trial inside a Biopod
  • The Game Afoot Perk now correctly activates the Nemesis Perk
  • The Survivor perk ‘Made For This’ endurance effect no longer triggers after using an Anti-Hemorrhagic Syringe on another survivor

Level Design

  • Fixed an issue where the hook can be block by the killer in Toba Landing
  • Fixed an issue where Wesker could slide on top of crates in Shelter Woods near the Skull Merchant base
  • Fixed an issue where the stairs in the back of the main building in Eyrie of Crows didn’t feel smooth
  • Fixed an issue where the nurse could get stuck in the west wing basement of the Raccoon City Police Station
  • Pass on the Toba Landing to Improve the navigation
  • Added Lockers in Toba Landing
  • Fixed an issue where killer could get stuck on the Temple of Purgation map

Known Issues

  • The Singularity’s add-on “Nanomachine Gel” has still the old text description.
  • The Singularity’s add-on “Kid’s Ball Glove” has still the old text description.
  • The Singularity’s add-on “Soma Family Photo” has still the old text description.
  • The Singularity’s add-on “Soma Family Photo” has an incorrect time value for the Overclock Mode. (-80% instead of -20%)

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