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It's going to be a cold, long Winter

19 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Winter Ember is launching on multiple platforms today, but not Switch. The Switch version still needs a bit of time, but it’s still slated for release today. While we wait for more information on that launch, you can see a new trailer for Winter Ember above.

Winter Ember is a stealth sandbox action game from developer Sky Machine Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios. Dismantle a corrupt organization from the shadows as you move swiftly through the snow-lined alleyways of Anargal, eclipsed by the clandestine darkness of an empire imprisoned by corruption.

Exact vengeance on a tyrannical cultic regime as Arthus Artorious, a long-assumed-dead Nobel fallen from the city’s graces. Equip a trusty bow with a diverse arsenal of trick arrows to scale buildings, eliminate obstacles, neutralize foes, and unravel secrets behind a grand conspiracy.

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