Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE came out on Switch last week, and plenty of people have already jumped into the game to solve some mysteries. Those who picked up a physical version of the game may not know that there’s another case waiting for them to solve, and it’s right in front of their faces.


Some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the cover art for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE includes an odd code on its side. You can see that code in the image above, which reads “hs++–+gfh 5566-++66656+5nhjid kj in 42554 jjiuk ji jkrj bjb hjn”. Sleuths the world over are trying to decipher what this code means, but no one has come up with an answer just yet.

Think you’ve got some ideas as to what this code could means? Got a few notions as to how it could be deciphered? No one out there knows the answer just yet, but you could be the first to crack this case!

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