Goonya Monster has been updated to version 2.1.0, which includes bug fixes and some gameplay rebalance. You can read the full patch notes below.

We are aware of the issue where the game balance becomes significantly skewed under certain tactics,
and plan to implement countermeasures in the next update scheduled for the end of July.

As a temporary measure, we have removed “damage nullification” from the effect of the guard.

If you experience unpleasant behavior while playing the game, please make use of the block and report functions.

Details of the update are as follows.

◆Gameplay Rebalance
【Battle Balance】
・Monsters now recover HP when they prey on Busters.
・The “unable to get up” time when “Buddha” collapses has been extended.
・The available time to use the skill of “Buddha” has been shortened.
・The range of soul purification by “Buddha”’s skill has been narrowed.

・Modified so that “Leech” remains near the ground when it takes damage.

・The recovery amount from the Monster’s “HP UP” gear has been halved.

◆Function Adjustment
・Added a menu to make it easier to watch events afterwards
 -You can check from the Story Event in the options

◆Bug Fixes
・Fixed a bug where you fall off the Stage, roll, and fall again.
・Fixed other minor bugs.

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