AEW: Fight Forever came to the Switch just last week, but a boatload of new content is already in the works.

While we don’t have all the specifics on the content coming, AEW wrestler Kenny Omega confirmed that a slew of goodies are on the way. According to Omega’s comments in an interview with Uproxx, players can expect new wrestlers, create-a-wrestler parts, new modes, and other surprises to come.

“There is always going to be additions to this game. You haven’t seen anything yet. You’ve seen a little bit, but you haven’t seen a lot of things that I’m very excited for.

There’s something in particular coming up that, it’s sort of been leaked a little bit, so the Stadium Stampede mode I’m very excited for and I think people are going to have a lot of fun. It’s something so incredibly unique and I think it’s going to be great.

The roster, we’re going to add bodies to the roster as well. Custom parts for create a wrestler, all that stuff. I can’t wait to share more announcements with people and to see more of the roster, more match types and see the videos turn up online for how people are enjoying it.”

[Kenny Omega]

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