Back in the day, there was an official way to transfer data between select N64 and Game Boy games. If you had the N64 Trasfer Pak, you could connect some of your games to exchange data and unlock other goodies. It wasn’t used by a ton of titles, but the ones that did implement the feature put it to great use.

Just yesterday, yet another rumor popped up about GBA games making their way to Switch Online. It’s not the first time we’ve heard this rumor, but this time around, the evidence presented was pretty much undeniable. Not only did the info show an actual GBA emulator for Switch, but it also once again pointed to Game Boy and GBC games making the leap to Switch Online as well. That brings is up to today, where we now have a rumor on top of a rumor!

Emily Rogers, friend of the site and known insider, has been sharing details once again about Nintendo’s next steps. This time around, Emily has stated that Nintendo has indeed tested a way to bring the N64 Transfer Pak feature to N64 and Game Boy games offered via Switch Online. Obviously you wouldn’t need an accessory to do the job this time around, as the magic would be handled by software instead of hardware.

Pokémon Stadium was probably the biggest game to make use of this feature, allowing you to bring your Pokémon over from the Game Boy games to the N64. Pokémon Stadium is yet to be added to Switch Online, and it’s never seen release on any VC service from Nintendo. That said, Emily has heard rumblings of Pokémon Stadium being tested, along with the Transfer Pak connectivity.

Separate from Emily, dataminer LuigiBlood has confirmed that the current N64 Switch Online app does include references to the N64 Transfer Pak. Found within the source code are mentions of turning the N64 Transfer Pak on and off, but no specific mentions of games were found. In other words, it’s not 100% proof that any of this is happening, but it does lend even more credibility to Emily’s statements.

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2y ago

This would be awesome! Some of my favorite memories from childhood were seeing my Pokemon on the big screen.


2y ago

Ooooh that would be sweet. Wonder if they’ll support “link-cable” for GB/GBC/GBA too.


2y ago

They can do the Transfer Pak, but not Save Pak? Put me in the 'Doubt' category.


2y ago


No real need for the Save Pak with most games so far though.
As for the Transfer Pak, I don't remember how many games used it, but It was ever only really useful in Pokemon Stadium games. I dont think believe we will get to see other games in Switch Online services.

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2y ago


Mario Kart 64. Not to mention that Tecmo game.


2y ago

If they are taking the time to do the transfer pak function they better add in the Microphone function for the Hey You Pikachu! game.