Stealth into battle and strike when the time is right with Inteleon in Pokémon UNITE! Inteleon begins each match as the sensitive Sobble before evolving into the dreary Drizzile and finally the suave Inteleon.

The Secret Agent Pokémon is renowned for its sneaky tactics, slippery moves, and powerful water-shooting fingertips, and it harnesses those strengths as a sharp-eyed Ranged Attacker on Aeos Island. You can obtain Inteleon for 13,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Inteleon will only be obtainable with Aeos gems for the first seven days of its release.

Read on to learn more about everything the Secret Agent Pokémon has to offer before taking aim on Aeos Island. You can find the complete breakdown here.

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