Nintendo has teased what’s next for Mario Kart Tour with a few new images, and it looks like they might have brought back a track that was left unfinished over a decade ago.

The images above show off a brand-new course for Mario Kart Tour upon first glance, but super-dedicated Mario Kart fans might recognize some of this imagery. That’s because it lines up quite nicely with a track that didn’t make the cut for Mario Kart DS, the Dokan Course.

Dokan Course (also known as Pipe Place) is an unused beta track from Mario Kart DS. For whatever reason, Nintendo never completed development on this track, but it certainly seems like they’re revisiting the idea for Mario Kart Tour. You can see the Dokan Course from Mario Kart DS for comparison below (7:52 timestamp).

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12M ago

They are adding a TON of tracks to Tour lately. Which makes me think we may get the announcement of a Booster Course Pass 2 during the September direct. That or it's just wishful thinking and Nintendo will port the remaining tracks in Tour to the next Mario Kart.