CyberStep, Inc. is excited to announce that the store pages of the new Switch visual novels games “Needy Princess Nerd Club - メンヘラオタ姫サークル -” and “Elder Sister’s Love Training ~年上お姉さんの恋愛トレーニング~” developed by PandaShojo are now live. In addition, the promotional videos of each visual novel are now available, with the games releasing July 13, 2023.

“Needy Princess Nerd Club”

Needy Princess Nerd Club is a novel game in which a girl who wants to be pampered enters the nerd circle, so that she can become a “Princess” that is true to the name. A Bishojo Game released in 2016 under the “Noirsoft” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players of various ages worldwide to enjoy.

◆ Synopsis

The protagonist Natsuki Sugiura is a freshman who hides his nerdiness. He joined the nerds club in the “Modern Content Research Group” to speak with people with the same interests. …Not long after joining, someone else was also interested in joining.

It was a stereotypical nerdy girl wearing lolita fashion, Kaoruko Mizushiro. The men found the nerdy girl rare and treated Kaoruko like a princess while they fully enjoyed the club activity. However, Kaoruko wanted the attention of the people anytime and anywhere which gradually changed her behavior…

◆ Character Information

Kaoruko Mizushiro

A nerdy girl with a strong personality who started wearing lolita clothing after entering university and wants the recognition of others. She is the same year as the protagonist and became friendly with each other because they have many classes together. She started getting the wrong idea about her appearance due to the men of the nerd club were all giving her attention.

“Elder Sister’s Love Training”

Elder Sister’s Love Training is a romance visual novel that depicts the growth of a shy protagonist until giving his first kiss to his girlfriend, after receiving love training from women around him. A Bishojo Game released in 2018 under the “Incarose” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players of all ages worldwide to enjoy.

◆ Synopsis

Masato Mugara is a protagonist who is very shy and lacks confidence. He has a girlfriend named “Miki Rikura”…But he has a dilemma that he couldn’t take that one step to kiss for half a year.

One day, Masato meets Kanade Sazashiki who is the best friend of Miki. She had been discussing this matter with Miki, and proposed to Masato that he use her to practice how to love. Feeling like he could not overcome his bashfulness on his own, Masato accepted the offer.

Furthermore, Miki’s mother “Yayoi Rikura”, who is concerned about the progress of the two, suggested Masato practice how to treat a woman…

◆ Character Information

Miki Rikura

A female college student who is the same age as Masato and currently his girlfriend. She is beautiful, kind, family-oriented, and very popular amongst male students. However, recently she has been feeling a little down since Masato never kisses her, and started to think she is not attractive.

Kanade Sazashiki

Miki’s best friend, who is older with a caring sister figure. She works at a concept cafe and is a popular staff member with a good appearance and attitude. After speaking with Miki, she started to give love tips to Masato.

Yayoi Rikura

Miki’s mother but more like an older sister from her young appearance. She is cheerful and sociable and also likes to tease others. Discovering that Miki’s recent emotion was from Masato’s shyness, she suggests Masato practice romantic relationships to improve.


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