The official Square Enix Music Channel on YouTube is an absolute treasure trove of fantastic music from the company’s history. While there are plenty of videos with straightforward song rips, there’s also a ton of covers and arrangements. One such video has arrived today, and it’s one Chrono Trigger fans will want to give a watch.

Square Enix has once again enlisted the talents of guitarist Ohta Mitsuhiro to crank out a great cover of Robo’s Theme from Chrono Trigger. Those who’ve played the game will easily be able to recall the classic tune, and there’s no doubt hearing the first few chords from Mitsuhiro will transport you back in time.

Mitsuhiro puts a little stank on this cover by throwing in a musical reference to another tune in Chrono Trigger as well. We won’t spoil when or where it happens, but see if you can pick up on it!

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