Update 2 has been released for Super Mega Baseball 4. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


In Franchise mode, you can now simulate games from the Season Schedule screen just like in Season mode. Manager Moment resolutions are automated when games are simulated in this fashion.

In Pennant Race and Online Leagues using random or fixed starting pitchers, an “unscheduled” starting pitcher without a Two Way trait can no longer be inserted into the starting lineup. This prevents an exploit where an “unscheduled” starting pitcher in the rotation could enter to pitch if put in the starting lineup and later swapped defensive positions with the active pitcher in game.

Batted ball sound effects have been updated. “Bigger” effects now tend to happen less frequently and are more reserved for harder hit balls.

Logo size and placement on uniforms has been modified to increase the amount of space that the logo occupies on the front of the jersey.

Lighting improvements have been made to some time/weather conditions at Sakura Hills, Swagger Center, Shaka Sports Turf, El Viejo, and Founder’s Field.

Some umpire voice lines have been trimmed while others are now more reserved for bigger moments in the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Game crashes shortly after winning a season in Standard Franchise mode.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when entering the league picker in certain situations when an ongoing Franchise, Season, or Elimination is at a specific stage in the playoffs.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when trying to advance to the next game in a Franchise, Season, or Elimination in certain situations where the starting pitcher is included at a non-pitching position in the default lineup.
  • Fixed: Most RBIs are not recorded properly when playing in online play.
  • Fixed: Players with the Two Way (C) trait incorrectly give up too many passed balls when playing catcher.
  • Fixed: The Pinch Perfect trait persists for the entire game when pinch hitting for the DH.
  • Fixed: The Fastball Hitter and Off-speed Hitter traits incorrectly modify batting contact when the traits are in the lowest or highest state, particularly lowering batting contact when at the lowest level.
  • Fixed: For some accounts, Pennant Race and Online League matchmaking times out shortly after searching for a match.
  • Fixed: In the League Editor screen, Custom leagues do not appear as an option when adding a team to the league.
  • Fixed: Ball can enter dugout but fail to trigger an Out of Play event at Stade Royale, Whacker’s Wheel, and Peril Point.
  • Fixed: Some batted ball sound effects do not trigger in online play.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, improving a player’s secondary position from None fails to save properly.
  • Fixed: Game can crash or show stale data in the Player Movement screen.
  • Fixed: When used with the Creators Classic league, the Player Movement feature failed to operate correctly and could lead to crashes or a corrupt league savedata.
  • Fixed: The You Complete Me achievement/trophy is incorrectly awarded when the CPU-controlled team achieves the complete game shutout.
  • Fixed: Jersey 8 renders incorrectly on the Male Average body type.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, watch stars fail to update after sorting in the Sign & Release screen.
  • Fixed: Some player names are not announced correctly (Stracy, Filthwick, Schoendienst, Tuff, Butterfinger, Bartholomew, Alomar Jr)
  • Fixed: The batter’s line stats incorrectly appear in the fielder info after a catch is made.
  • Fixed: Some Super Mega League or Legends League players can incorrectly have their names filtered out.
  • Fixed: Batted ball sounds for hitting off the handle or the end of the bat are incorrectly swapped for left-handed batters.
  • Fixed: Ambience audio is not heard at Peril Point.
  • Fixed: The stadium announcer is not present in Evening/Cloudy conditions at Peril Point.
  • Fixed: Various performance and physics related issues at Peril Point.
  • Fixed: Some crowd heckles happen at unintended moments in the game.
  • Fixed: In online play, swapping positions with your pitcher when the DH rule is on and choosing to bench your DH results in the game stalling indefinitely.
  • Fixed: In an Online League that has a one-time draft, updating its settings to use a different draft pool of players leads to drafts no longer being able to be conducted or continued.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when attempting to return back to the away team’s pregame lineup when on a non-lineup tab for the home team.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when the Player Menu overlay is forced to close while in the middle of changing Ego.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when attempting to go to Pennant Race or Online League Hub via the Player Menu.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when clicking buttons in the Incoming Challenge dialog before the dialog is properly loaded.
  • Fixed: Game can crash on the Exhibition team select screen in online play if the party leader leaves the screen while a user has the league picker open.
  • Fixed: Game can crash rarely on very first engagement.
  • Fixed: Game can crash when attempting to navigate to an Online League when already in Online League Hub.
  • Fixed: Game can crash rarely when auto-help appears after using the Related Help buttons on a previous help page.
  • Fixed: Some buttons in the UI appear visible and enabled when inoperable.
  • [Xbox, Steam, Switch only] Fixed: In Franchise mode, signing a player at their asking salary fails to properly save, leading to the player’s salary resetting back to their previous salary upon reloading the Franchise or starting the next season (will be fixed on PS4 and PS5 in the next patch).
  • [Switch only] Fixed: Some performance issues when using the “Favor Performance” setting in the Options menu.
  • [Switch only] Fixed: A controller image in one of the batting help screens is incorrect.

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