Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection gets ESRB Switch rating

The latest collection of retro titles for Switch

09 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection released on the Switch in Japan back in 2021, and that’s where it’s stayed ever since. Now we’ve learned that the game is officially going to see release in North America, thanks to a new ESRB rating.

The ESRB has just shared a rating for Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection on Switch, which means we’ll be getting a localized digital and physical release. The listing also shows Limited Run Games as the publisher, so they’ll no doubt be revealing this title during their upcoming showcase this week.

Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection includes the following titles:

  • Get Star (arcade version)
  • Guardian (western arcade version of Get Star)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Famicom version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (PC Engine version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Mega Drive version)
  • Twin Cobra (NES version)
  • Twin Cobra (Genesis version)
  • Tiger-Heli (Famicom version)
  • Tiger-Heli (NES version)

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