Rain World: Downpour, the unwavering survival metroidvania set in a treacherous world of hunt and hunger from developer Videocult and publisher Akupara Games, returns with more customization options, primal-threats, and even more adventure now on Switch along with the base game!

“Rain World: Downpour is the product of a large number of talented modders, artists, and musicians from inside the Rain World community. We’re all excited to be able to bring this taste of Rain World’s modding scene to consoles, as community content would normally only be within reach of the PC player base. Downpour brings a variety of new ways to experience Rain World, including co-op mode for the story campaigns, new formidable game modes like Expedition and Challenge mode, and more peaceful experiences like Safari mode. Additionally, the game is greatly expanded with many new characters and regions, giving new perspectives of Rain World’s world and story across the timeline, reimagined from the minds of a community of passionate Rain World fans.” - Andrew Marrero, Lead Programmer

A desolate scorched-earth sits in front of a forlorn figure, only having one thought on mind at all times…survive. The slugcat searching and scavenging for any scrap it deems edible; sneaking in the shadows avoiding predatory horrors, patrolling their territory looking for anything that tempts the taste buds. Famine defines this deathscape with each creature on the prowl, yearning to sate the constant pain of hunger. Will the slugcat survive its solitary confinement or will it succumb to its preordained fate at the bottom of the food chain… in Rain World?

The Downpour DLC includes hundreds of new maps across ten new regions, five new playable characters with unique storylines and endings, two new game modes, and local co-op.


Breaking New Ground to Explore - Survive and explore ten expansive new regions - featuring thousands of new maps, environments, creatures, and weather anomalies to discover

Five Additional Characters - Each with unique abilities, skill sets, gameplay style, and stories

Challenge Mode - Put your survivability to the test in multiple pre-constructed arena scenarios, adapting to each room as the difficulty increases

Safari Mode - Observe an ecosystem unfold! Revisit areas once explored safely through the eyes of an observer - control and play as other creatures in the game to influence the scene

Jolly Co-Op - Up to four local players can explore and survival all base-game campaigns in this local co-op mode. See if the power of friendship can overcome the treacherous world of Rain World

Expedition Mode - A Rain World randomizer dropping you anywhere in the world with a task to complete some of the game’s toughest challenges

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