Falcom has released another big wave of information for Ys X: Nordics. This time around we get to learn about the characters Grimson Balta, Gunnar, Hugill, and Flair Rall, as well as details on the “Recapture Battle” system. You can get the complete breakdown below, courtesy of a translation from Gematsu.

■ Characters

Grimson Balta (voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji)

Age: 40

Leader of the Balta Navy and the father of Karja, the Pirate Princess. Known to be a pirate on par with the One-Eyed Ladoc of the Medo Sea, he has the charisma to control his rowdy soldiers and the savviness to maneuver the high-level political talks with the Romun Empire. Aside from being able to freely control the Norman’s fighting method “Berserk Mode,” which channels heightened emotions into raw power, he is the strongest Mana user possessing remarkable combat skills.

Gunnar (voiced by Shuhei Sakaguchi)

Age: 29

A tough-looking Norman who serves as the head warrior in the Balta Navy under its leader, Grimson. His skills as a warrior are obvious, and he leads Balta Navy’s second fleet with his constant rational and precise decisions. He is well-reasoned and someone Karja feels she cannot compete with, but as with Phylleia, he is always watching over her growth as a Norman.

Hugill (voiced by Kosuke Kobayashi)

A chubby raven that at some time in the past decided to live in Balta Island, the base for the Balta Navy. He is curious about everything and loves to play pranks. However, the Normans treats him very well, as they believe that “the chief god Haar watches over this world through the eyes of the raven.”

Flair Rall (voiced by Keiichi Sonobe)

Age: 47

A doctor from Lance Village who Adol met through his adventure of the ancient Ys Kingdom. Willing to put himself in danger and leave the village if it means providing medical attention, he is much more active than he seems. He travels with Adol seeking the seeds of the Celceta Flower, which is thought to be effective against incurable diseases. He also starts lending a hand to the clinic in Karnack during his travels

■ Recapture Battle

Battle on Land and Sea! Take Back the Islands from the Griegers!

In Obelia Bay where your Ys X: Nordics adventure takes place, there are islands scattered all over that are seized by the immortal Griegers. When you come across an Grieger-occupied island with your vessel Sandras, you can initiate a special “Recapture Battle” by approaching the island.

How a “Recapture Battle” Plays Out

  • Approach the barrier surrounding the occupied island with the Sandras.
  • Initiate a naval battle with the Sandras.
  • While battling enemy ships, destroy the “Barrier Pillars” placed around the island.
  • Once the barrier around the island is gone, you are finally able to go on land.
  • Disembark with Adol and Karja, and initiate land battles against the enemy base.
  • Obliterate countless Griegers, and conquering the enemy base lets you recapture the island.

Clearing Missions in Naval Battles Will Hype Up Your Sailors!

Once you see the Mission Clear words on the screen after naval battles, your sailors’ energy levels go up, and it becomes easier to activate each character’s “Recapture Skill.” Furthermore, the increased energy levels will lead to bonuses when land battles begin, so you’ll be able to have the upper hand when Adol and Karja fights in the second half.

A Successful Recapture Leads to Rewards and a More Comfortable Sea Exploration

Defeating the Griegers and taking back the island will net you various rewards based on your rank. In addition, you will then be able to use the recaptured island as a fast travel point, and reveal details about the area around the island on your map. You’ll be able to explore Obelia Bay much more efficiently.

■ The Scroll of Hugill

While at sea on the Sandras, the raven Hugill will at times bring scrolls to Adol and his group. The contents vary, such as scrolls sent to Adol and Karja from the Balta Navy, or calls for help from people around Obelia Bay. Depending on what is written, it is possible to accept a request at Obelia Bay in the middle of your adventure as quest for a sub-story.

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