There have been a couple trailers for Lorelei And The Laser Eyes so far, and while they’re a lot of fun to look at and present a lot of mysteries, it’s a bit hard to decipher just what kind of game to expect. Thankfully, the dev team has shared some insight into that.

In an interview with Eurogamer, developer Simogo had broken down what Lorelei And The Laser Eyes is all about in terms of mechanics. While the trailers have been purposefully vague, the actual gameplay is easy to understand.

“Gameplay wise, Lorelei is a game mostly played in third person in which you non-linearly explore one big space to find and solve puzzles to progress. During the game you encounter a cast of characters you can interact with, and lots of other small focused puzzle interactions, and objects like locks, cameras, video games inside the game, computers, books, magazines and such. There is a lot of reading.”


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