Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach just got a physical release on Switch, but the fun isn’t done just yet. Some free DLC is heading to the game later this year, and full details on what to expect have been shared by the dev team.

The official FNAF website has shared an update on the ‘Ruin’ DLC for Security Breach, and it’ll be making its way to Switch sometime down the road. Ray McCaffrey, Executive Producer for Five Nights at Freddy’s, penned a special blog detailing what the DLC has to offer, and you can read that in full below.

Ruin is a new story that follows a little girl named Cassie as she searches the crumbling Pizzaplex for her friend, Gregory.

First, its tone is a stark contrast to that of Security Breach. Our goal was to lean into a more familiar feel Freddy’s fans have come to expect, and in that effort we’ve created DLC that’s far more dark, dreadful, and ominous than the base game. Additionally, given the dilapidated state of the Pizzplex, it’s claustrophobic and littered with the ambiance that naturally (and unnaturally) comes from an abandoned building. There aren’t a bunch massive, well lit areas where you can see and avoid a threat in the distance.

In addition to the tonal shift, we’ve also moved away from the hide and seek gameplay of the base game. Ruin’s moment to moment is built around patience and timing. And after thinking long on what we want to share before launch I’m actually going to leave it at that. Our trailer only showed off a small fraction of the fun, and words won’t do the rest justice.

[Ray McCaffrey, Executive Producer for Five Nights at Freddy's]

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