Shо̄ta Noguchi has been an assistant on the My Hero Academia manga since Volume 12, which no doubt keeps them incredibly busy. Still, it seems Noguchi finds some time to cook up unique drawings and artwork on the side, and their latest pays tribute to the Pikmin franchise.

Noguchi shared the art above, which is an original tribute to the Pikmin franchise that puts a My Hero Academia twist on things. The artwork features Deku and Bakugo Katsuki taking on the role of Olimar and a Pikmin.

There’s no doubt Noguchi is a fan of the Pikmin franchise, and chances are the series is on their brain due to the upcoming release of Pikmin 4. It’s nice to see an unofficial crossover between the franchises, and hopefully this work of fiction will help spread the word on Pikmin just a little bit further.

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