D3Publisher has announced that YEAH! YOU WANT “THOSE GAMES,” RIGHT? SO HERE YOU GO! NOW, LET’S SEE YOU CLEAR THEM! is coming to Switch today. You can see the announcement/release trailer for this game above.

“Those Games” is a collection of minigames that you wanted to play to your heart’s content, but couldn’t, so we developed this game with cute and comical stickman characters for you to fully, thoroughly, and enjoyably play as many times as you want!

Clear a variety of minigame stages and missions in “Minigames”! Clear all minigame stages to unlock each respective “Rank-Up Challenge” where you can post your clear time and scores to challenge players from around the world in monthly rankings!

Use the Coins that you gain from playing the game to test your luck with Gotcha! Get Plates and Titles so that you can create your very own name plate! Combine Plates and Titles for 8,910,000 different combinations! Make your name plate cool or just plain funny: it’s your choice!

Main Features

  • “Those games” are now playable as stickman minigames!
  • Cute and comical visuals and motions in 3D!
  • Play “those games” in “Minigames”!
  • Challenge players worldwide in “Rank-Up Challenge”!
  • Use Coins to get Plates and Titles in “Gotcha!”
  • Create your very own name plate in “Title Plate”!
  • View player monthly ranks in “Latest Rankings”!
  • Face robust gameplay challenges to gain rewards in “Missions”!

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