Calling all the fans of the Bubble Bobble franchise! After more than three decades, the beloved duo, Bubby and Bobby return! ININ is proud to present the digital version of the legendary Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III on Switch at the end of 2023.

Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III is a classic platformer developed by TAITO that first graced the gaming scene in 1991. As a sequel to Rainbow Islands and the third instalment in the legendary Bubble Bobble series, it recaptured the magic and charm that delighted fans worldwide. While it never made its way to arcades, it instead captivated players on home consoles, such as PC Engine and TurboGrafx, and home computers like the Amiga. Now, it’s time to relive the excitement as Parasol Stars makes its triumphant return to modern platforms!

In this captivating platformer by TAITO, players follow the adventures of two brothers.

They embark on a mission to save their neighboring planets from an evil menace. Instead of shooting bubbles, they are now armed with colorful, dazzling parasols with magical powers. These parasols are also used to shield against enemy attacks, stun foes or unleash a torrent of high-scoring stars!

Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III is loaded with power-ups that could mean the difference between a sweet win or a crushing defeat! Toss a bomb and blast your enemies to smithereens, or freeze time with a clock that’s all yours to command. But don’t get too comfy, or Death will sneak up on you and swipe one of your precious lives! Harness the power of the parasol and show off your skills in this epic adventure!


Triumphant Return: The universally beloved franchise, Bubble Bobble, is back on Switch.

Cute Cast of Iconic characters: Meet a lovable cast of iconic characters, each with their unique charm and abilities, adding to the enjoyment of the gameplay.

Dazzling Parasols: Wield colorful parasols with magical powers to shield against enemies, stun foes, and unleash high-scoring stars.

Power-ups Galore: Discover a variety of power-ups, from bombs to time-freezing clocks, to gain the upper hand in challenging battles.

Strategic Gameplay: Use the parasol weapon to secure victory and evade the looming threat of Death.

Nostalgic Homage: Parasol Stars pays homage to TAITO’s earlier game, Chack’n Pop, one of the early platform games and a precursor to the highly popular Bubble Bobble series.

Ten Worlds: Embark on an adventure beyond the main eight worlds of Parasol Stars and unlock two secret worlds.

Keep an eye out for even more parasols! ININ and TAITO have exciting news to share soon. But wait, there is more!

Strictly Limited Games, in collaboration with ININ and TAITO, will be bringing to life exclusive and highly limited boxed editions of the game. These collector’s items will only be available through Strictly Limited Games. Pre-orders start on July 27th, so don’t miss your chance to relive the nostalgic magic of the Bubble Bobble series and immerse yourself in the charming world of Parasol Stars.

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