Herobeat Studios has announced that Endling – Extinction is Forever has won the awards for “Most Significant Impact” and “Game of the Year” at this year’s Games for Change Awards. This event celebrates the people, projects, and organizations that have set out to make a meaningful difference. This year marked not only the 20th anniversary of Games for Change but today is also the first anniversary of Endling’s release, making these awards the best birthday present the dev team could have imagined.

Yes, it’s been one year already since Endling – Extinction is Forever was first released, and what a year it has been. More than the many accolades bestowed upon our game, the dev team says the genuine responses by the players who were moved by the heart-wrenching tale of a mother fox and her cubs made it all worthwhile. Knowing that they were able to touch the hearts and minds of people is the team’s most significant award of all.

Bringing awareness to a dire situation through a different perspective, not by lecturing, is where the true success of Endling lies. No words were required to convey the message, only emotions we all share in the face of a possible future. As long as we can feel empathy for the struggles of the world around us, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.


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