Xenoblade fans and amiibo collectors already know that today’s a big day, as the Pyra/Mythra amiibo two pack is finally launching! Hopefully you’ve already snagged yours and it’s shipping out as we speak. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 character designer Masatsugu Saito no doubt has their pre-order locked in, and they’re celebrating launch day with something special.

Saito took to Twitter to celebrate the arrival of Pyra/Mythra’s amiibo with a new piece of art featuring both characters. According to Saito, he created this art for the characters with the same specifications used in Smash Bros. Ultimate. In other words, diehard fans might be able to spot the subtle differences between the designs, but they’re still unmistakably Pyra and Mythra.

The Pyra and Mythra amiibo double pack is priced at $30 and will be available at game retailers nationwide today.

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