As you no doubt know, Pokémon Trading Card Game sales are big business. Not only do Nintendo and Pokémon Co. make a pretty penny on the market, second-hand sellers are also bringing in major bank. Unfortunately, when that kind of money is at play, some nefarious people try to make a quick buck with all sorts of scams.

While it’ll be impossible to stop all the bad actors out there, Pokémon Co. and Yahoo! Japan have signed an agreement to team up for safer TCG sales. Over in Japan, Yahoo! Japan has two platforms people can buy/sell on: Yahoo Auctions and PayPay Flea Market. Going forward, those who use these platforms for TCG sales can expect the following guidelines to be in place.

The agreement outlines the following responsibilities of the partners to make buying and selling trading cards safe:

The Pokémon Company

  • Provide Yahoo Japan information on new products and other products
  • Report products listed on Yahoo Auctions or PayPay Flea Market that infringe on The Pokémon Company’s copyright and trademark to Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan

  • Based on the information provided by The Pokémon Company, make announcements to users on Yahoo Auctions and PayPay Flea Market about observing the terms of service
  • Removing product listings that infringe the terms of service

Examples of products that infringe the terms of service

  • Products listed before their release date, and products that couldn’t be guaranteed to be fulfilled as they are not on-hand
  • Products that infringe copyright, such as counterfeits
  • Listings with unclear or unknown contents for multiple trading cards

These stricter guidelines and practices should certainly make a marked improvement for buyers and sellers alike, weeding out the troublemakers.

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