Simon the Sorcerer Origins now set for 2024 Switch launch

Even dark arts couldn't save the 2023 release

26 July 2023
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Simon the Sorcerer Origins was originally set to arrive on Switch in early 2023. We’re now more than halfway through the year, and the game is nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, we now know the game won’t launch this year at all. Today, the team has confirmed that Simon the Sorcerer Origins won’t come around until an unspecified date in 2024.

The 90s were a golden age for video games: the boom of graphic adventures and role-playing games, the buzz of crowded arcade halls, and the pivotal shift to three-dimensional graphics signaled that the world was ready for a new form of artistic expression. Among the numerous works that established a blueprint for the video game industry’s future, those with a sense of nostalgia will fondly remember Simon the Sorcerer. This 2D point-and-click adventure, conceived by the creative minds of Simon and Mike Woodroffe and developed by Adventure Soft, originally made its debut on the PC in 1993. This title influenced an entire generation of gamers and continues to be remembered as a major milestone in the history of interactive entertainment.

This bold and ambitious project is driven by the passion and dedication of Massimo Calamai, Founder and Game Director of the Smallthing Studio, and Fabrizio Rizzo, Lead Game and Narrative Designer. The duo took inspiration from the iconic 90s classic to craft a fresh starting point that celebrates the series’ past, all the while embracing modern innovation.

Simon the Sorcerer Origins is set just before the events of the original game, creating a direct link to those iconic moments with an entirely new and surprising perspective. The game’s graphic style, with its entirely hand-drawn illustrations and animations, demonstrates a perfect blend of modern artistic expressions and is a visual testament to the spirit of renewal championed by Smallthing Studios. This brand-new Simon still preserves the defining characteristics of the series that have stood out over the decades: the strong personality of the young, rebellious, and somewhat sarcastic protagonist continues to take center stage, now enriched with more emotional, profound, and contemporary nuances. This approach extends to the game modes, offering a blend of past and present that allows both long-time fans and new players to choose between the classic point-and-click gameplay or a more current version, optimized for all devices, with direct control of Simon.

Testament to the international scope of the new Simon and the Sorcerer Origins are the numerous surprises on the horizon, not least of which is the inclusion of a track by renowned singer-songwriter and musician Rick Astley in the soundtrack. Now, thirty years after the young wizard Simon’s first journey, Leonardo Interactive and Smallthing Studios pledge to revive the magic of the past, thanks to the creativity and passion of an all-Italian team that has adeptly picked up the narrative of this iconic video game, meticulously tailoring it for the modern audience, while also respecting the expectations of more sentimental fans. As such, Simon the Sorcerer Origins sets out with the goal of delighting both the young and the young at heart, carefully blending nostalgia with a plethora of new features designed to intrigue and engage players of all ages.

Simon the Sorcerer Origins will be available in 2024 on Switch in both physical and digital formats, with localization in over 10 different languages. With a captivating storyline and a unique graphic style, the portal to a magical realm will open once again, inviting the world to relive and discover a legendary adventure.

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