The next big wave of information on Ys X: Nordics is here. This time around, we have character profiles for Momina Evelies, Romes Carpent, Joel Asrad, Ashley, and Ulval, along with details on Rune Stones, fishing, and ship upgrades. You can see the breakdown of all that information below, courtesy of a translation via Gematsu.

All of these details also come with a fresh batch of screens, and you can sift through an entire gallery here.

Momina Evelies (voiced by Riko Kohara)

A reliable woman who runs a street vendor in Karnack. She has a sweet personality and has a great reputation in the neighborhood, but because she tends to take things too seriously, the people around her are often looking out for her. She is always worried for her son Leif, who has strayed away from the family and does not want to come back home.

Romes Carpent (voiced by Masayuki Fujibuchi)

A shrewd salesperson and the president of “Carpent Company.” He has such a talent for business that he single-handedly built a company arguably known for being Obelia Bay’s best. He is thinking about raising his son Cruz to be his successor. When trouble occurs, he has a habit of trying to take advantage of it from a business standpoint, and he occasionally argues with Cruz over how to be a merchant.

Joel Asrad (voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara)

A doctor who runs the “Asrad Clinic” in town. Having genuine medical knowledge and skill, he has supported the townspeople for many years with his dependable daughter Mirabel. A fishing aficionado, he even goes fishing during his work. Because of that, he is often scolded by Mirabel.

Ashley (voiced by Aguri Onishi)

An innocent-looking boy who lives alone in Karnack. He doesn’t have good impressions of the townspeople, and he always complains about Karnack while having a bad attitude. He does have a very strong interest in marine life, and for some reason asks you to investigate Obelia Bay…

Ulval (voiced by Kenichi Mine)

A veteran boat-builder in the Balta Navy. Despite his always sarcastic tone and imposing expression, his ability as a boat-builder is unparalleled, as he handles all the maintenance work for the Norman ships anchored at Balta Island. He maintains the Sandras for Adol and Karja. He is looked up to as inspiration by Cruz, and although a tad awkward, he makes a sincere effort to listen and interact with him.

■ Rune Stones

The name of the enormous stone monument that details the saga of Norman ancestral accomplishments and events. Rune Stones are scattered throughout various locations in Obelia Bay. When Mana users like Adol and Karja put their hands on the stones, they are able to read its many stories, such as Normans that set out for new worlds, or those that lived through a constant cycle of pillaging and invasions. By discovering what happened to the ancestors living in Obelia Bay, more information about the roots of Karja and the Balta Army will be unveiled.

Resonate with Rune Stones to obtain Mana Seeds

The resonance from coming into contact with each Rune Stone will net you new Mana Seeds. Mana Seeds are necessary to learn new abilities in Adol and Karja’s Release Line. By seeking out Rune Stones through exploration, you’ll be able to strengthen your characters in a much more efficient way.

■ Fishing and Tuna Fishing

If you see silhouettes of fish swimming in the waters of fields and dungeons, you will be able to fish with either Adol or Karja. Choose your spot and bait, and cast the reel! Once you get a “Hit,” either mash buttons or move the control stick. Once the fishing gauge at the top of the screen reaches max level, you will successfully be able to catch a fish.

Tuna Fishing

While navigating Obelia Bay with the Sandras, there will be random fishing spots that will pop up. By approaching this spot, you will be able to fish for tuna, much like you can fish on land.

Substantially Raise Your Success Rate with Support Effects

While Fishing or Tuna Fishing, successfully performing the on-screen actions will increase your support gauge. When this gauge becomes full, activating support will initiate cooperation effects, which will increase how much your fishing gauge fills up by a significant margin.

Claim Rewards Through Fishing

The information of the fish that you catch will be logged in your adventure journal. When you talk to Joel the fishing aficionado, he may reward you with some unexpected equipment!

■ Upgrading the Sandras

When a new character joins the Sandras as a crewmember, the ship’s basic attributes can be enhanced. Furthermore, depending on certain characters with special skills or knowledge, features such as a shop function can be added in place of towns or merchant ships. In some cases, new additions may lead to special events and quests.

Momina / Romes

When Momina, the woman who runs a market, and Romes, the president of Carpet Company, are added to the crew, a temporary store will open on the ship. The “General Store Momina” provides you with all types of healing medicine and recipes for crafting bento. The “Carpent Company” is where you can purchase weapons and equipment, as well as tactical documents to better utilize Cross Action.


Having the fishing aficionado on board will unlock Tuna Fishing while at sea. In addition, by reporting Adol and Karja’s catches, Joel will give you various rewards.


The boy who grew up alone in Karnack is strangely interested in marine life. Once he is made a member of your crew, a dedicated quest will be available in which you will investigate the marine life that populated Obelia Bay. Following the completion of the quest, you will see more information scribed onto the map, but there just might be another marine life quest connected to it…

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