VGC has reported that sources have exclusively told them Nintendo’s next generation system is planned to be released in the second half of 2024, and dev-kits are now in the hands of major development studios. The console will reportedly have an LCD screen to reduce production costs, a physical cartridge slot, and a portable mode just like the Nintendo Switch, though backwards compatibility is unknown. As always, take the rumor with a grain of salt, but the timing certainly feels right for a Switch successor, and VGC has been a reliable source for rumors and reports in the past.

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10M ago

Bring it on Nintendo. Shake it up again.
New Nintendo hardware time is the most exciting time.


10M ago

Please be backward compatible! And I'm ready. When we keep hearing about this supposed new console it feels more and more likely to be true. And if this specific rumor is true I'll be glad that it's another portable like Switch, but disappointed that it's LCD instead of OLED.


10M ago

All they said is how it can accept physical carts. Nothing very specific.

So it could just end up being a better Switch that only plays certain games exclusive to it like the new 3DS.


10M ago

If it is a true successor and they only offer the option of an LCD screen I'd be bummed. The OLED screen is worlds above the original LCD.


10M ago


Or just a successor with BC like GBC/GBA to GB, Wii to GC, WiiU to Wii etc.
Not like it hasn't happened before.

But a new console with new games and experiences? I'm all in!

cheesus 2

10M ago

I'm guessing it will be slightly more powerful than the Switch but will be able to use DLSS and upscale current Switch games to 1440

Also I'm thinking the next Switch is closer than we think since Mario and Rabbids developers said they wish they waited just a little bit to release the game on new hardware.

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10M ago

Yeah I hope they'll go back to offline console tech and focus on the local fun ^-^ That would revolutionary! No more dying online communities, they are doomed anyway because new online games are made everyday now. Re release Switch games for it without online options and let it have a retro boot system for the games that didn't need the internet. No updates or closing eShops, everything needed packed into the cartridge, in the end games are broken anyway. Also serious attention for doing everything environment friendly of course..

We might want to discover the advantages of not being wired to the internet again, it is more simple, more private. We can always share screenshots, video or streams using other devices anyway. Competitions and local multiplay in real places were there is a good chance to get know each other without having the tech devices 'social' solutions in between us.

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10M ago

I think the best rumour that they are/were releasing dev kits but without the controller just yet since they want that to be super secret =D It's Nintendo so isn't hard to believe =)