Vaccine Rebirth has been updated to Ver. 1.3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

1st person view mode!

Are you ready to face your fears in a whole new way? Patch 1.3 introduces the option to play in first view mode, bringing you closer to the action and the terror. Experience the horror as if you were really there! But make no mistake! This is not a typical first person shooter game. You will still have to draw your weapon to aim, and you won’t be able to move while shooting. You can enable it in the Loop Options before starting a run, and yep, it is also available in coop!

And what else?

  • There are now fake walls that can be destroyed with exploding mines and barrels
  • Graphical documents
  • Revolver is now more prominent
  • Mines can be exploded by shooting at them
  • There is an option in the menu to deactivate the overhead text on top of the characters
  • Now if you cannot carry more items, the item you cannot pick up is displayed in the description
  • Crawling zombies appearance reduced
  • Columns of the rebinding table have been reorganized for readability
  • Fixed a problem that caused some barrels not to explode
  • Fixed FXs in Loop options menu
  • Fixed an issue when navigating scroll windows you could lose the focus of the list
  • Fixed leaderboards not displaying the last difficulty mode
  • Fixed stick icons not showing up in rebindings
  • Fixed a problem in coop if you select “Spawn at different location” and then you proceed to the next stage
  • Fixed an issue with footsteps
  • Fixed a problem with the description of the costume
  • Fixed some zombies where incorrectly casting shadows
  • Fixed some UI overlapping issues in different languages
  • Fixed a problem with some cameras in the lab
  • Different room adjustments and modifications

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