MistWorld the after clears the air on Switch today

We haven't the foggiest idea how this game is

03 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Regista has announced that they’re bringing the RPG ‘MistWorld the after’ to Switch today. If you purchase before Aug. 17th, 2023, you can lock in a discount of 50%, dropping the price to $6.98. MistWorld the after takes up 1.6 GB of space.

“MistWorld the after” is a classic-style RPG that takes place in a vast, open 3D field. The story unfolds in the aftermath of “MistWorld,” but “MistWorld the after” can be enjoyed as a stand-alone title.

Ignaz is a hunter who manages the forest where he lived with his late grandfather. Recently, he has noticed an increase in the number of strange “monsters.” In order to investigate the cause of this, he heads to the capital. Meanwhile, a forbidden book related to the “Evil Deity Nisfor” has been stolen in the capital… Ignaz and Marie, the capital librarian, are in pursuit of the missing forbidden book, where a plot to resurrect the evil deity is revealed.

Can Ignaz prevent the resurrection of the evil deity?

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