PlatinumGames has been going into overload with Bayonetta-related dev blogs this week, and today they’re back yet again with another installment focusing on Bayonetta 3. Just like yesterday, today we get to learn a bit more about the game’s music.

Tomoki Kameyama, composer on Bayonetta 3, is taking the reigns this time to discuss the battle theme GH()ST for the new playable character Viola. Believe it or not, Bayonetta 3 is the first game Kameyama has ever worked on! They composed the music direction for the side chapters, as well as the main stage music and some boss music.

According to Kameyama, the concept behind GH()ST was inspired by Viola’s character and her fashion sense. At first, the team thought that the punk rock genre would be a perfect fit for Viola. They started off by creating music in that style, but found that the punk rock tempo could not keep up with the stylish high-speed action of the game. The team also found that the bright, punk-tinged music did not match the atmosphere of Bayonetta 3 and this led them to revisit the concept behind the song. Ultimately, they landed on a musical style reminiscent of 2000s emo/alternative rock.

If you’d like to learn more about this song’s creation, you can find the full dev blog here.

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