The second run for the Tera Raid event is now live in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and features Mighty Rillaboom with the Mightiest Mark.

This repeat event lasts until Sunday, August 6th at 23:59 UTC.

As for details, Serebii has all of them here but we have compiled some of the highlights below:

  • Rillaboom is only catchable once, but can be challenged multiple times.
  • The Star Level is 7.

Other notes:

  • HP multiplier: *35
  • Shield Damage: 20% Std, 30% Tera, 70% Matching Tera

You can get (among others):

  • Rare Candy *2 (10%)
  • Carbos *5 (10%)
  • Jolly Mint *1 (3%)
  • Ability Capsule *1 (2%)
  • Ability Patch Ability Patch *1 (1%)

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