“Calling”, the newest Overwatch 2 cinematic is now live in-game for all to watch! If you don’t want to fire up the game to check it out, you can watch the same cinematic above.

The first cinematic to debut in the Overwatch 2 client, “Calling” leads directly into the Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions, launching on August 10 at 12 pm PDT, the cinematic reveals what former Overwatch operative, Vivian “Sojourn” Chase, has been up to in Toronto ever since Winston issued a recall to the scattered Overwatch team and Null Sector attacked Paris.

Overwatch 2: Invasion will feature three brand-new Story Missions, as players battle through Null Sector attacks on Rio, Toronto, and New Gothenburg. Prepare for the broadest content release since Overwatch 2 launched, including a new PvP game mode, an all-new Support hero, and so much more all coming on August 10!

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